Bevlyn’s thoughts: Your Song

Jit & Brell have been together for 7 years, and after being engaged for 3 the last years, they finally tied the knots this November. Here’s the couple’s answer to me when I asked if they have any interesting stories to share:

“Brell learnt not to let Jit organize holidays after he arranged a weeklong trip to Russia, with a visa for only two days, which resulted in the Singapore Consulate having to rush to our aid in Moscow and force a passport official who had earlier denied us a new visa, to grant us an extension and get us out of trouble a few hours before our visas expired.

Jit learnt that Brell does tend to know what’s best after, insisting on moving his belongings to another apartment in paper and plastic bags, in an open top van, only for it to rain and everything to fall out when picked up.

Jit also learnt that Brell could probably set a record for watching Horror films after making him sit through 8 horror films in 1 weekend.

Brell also learnt that, Liverpool are the greatest team on the planet, that Steven Gerrard is amazing, that Fernando Torres comes from Spain and that Manchester United are a pile of crap”

So, after reading this, I was really curious to meet the couple for myself! On the big day, I was received by the gentle Jit, and the graceful Brell (I LOVE her wedding dress and head veil, see photo below). The party was like a mini-world; many guests flew in for the wedding celebration, so we had many guests of different nationalities and races!

I could not help but notice that Jit and Brell had chosen many songs by British artists: Elton John, Robbie Williams, Coldplay, Ronan Keating etc. There were many British among the guests afterall 🙂

The guests were especially appreciative of the songs, especially the Mandarin songs, and the classics and jazz songs. We also did a special song – it was the birthday of Brell’s father, so the band did an impromptu rendition of the Happy Birthday song for him 🙂

On a side note, other than meeting Sam from Vocare Media (we’ve a promotion with them here), I also bumped into a long lost friend from our secondary school days! Mindy ( was the official photographer for Jit and Brell’s wedding. She recognised me and came up to say hi; imagine my surprise, after more than 10 years from school! She is now a budding, award-winning full-time photographer.

So, after our performance, the party was long from over. According to the programme I received, the party continued at La Villa, the lovely alfresco dining restaurant at River Valley Road. Well, they had wedding celebrations in the UK, Hong Kong, and now Singapore, which truly made a marathon of wedding celebrations. In Brell’s own words “Let’s Party!”. And sure they did! 🙂

L to R: Bevlyn, Brell, Jit & Jixiang
Photos courtesy of Mindy Tan Weddings

Band: Bevlyn & Jixiang
You Are the Sunshine Of My Life, Kiss Me, 喜欢你 (Liking You), Chasing Cars, Your Song, Angel, It Had to be You, Sea of Love, Yellow, 爱很简单 (Love is Simple), Wonderful Tonight, Fly Me to the Moon, When You Tell Me that You Love Me, When You Say Nothing At All, 星晴 (Stars in a Clear Sky), 至少还有你 (There’s Still You), Stand by Me, Lovin’ You, Come Away with Me, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), Unforgettable, I’m Yours