Shi Li’s thoughts: 爱你在心口难开 (Love You More Than I Can Say) 

Meeting Qing Qing and Yong Chuan for the very first time, I could tell they were very heartwarming people, from the songs that they had chosen for their audience and how the guests react to them from the march-ins, and all the way to the end of the wedding.

I was deeply moved by Qing Qing’s speech to her parents and in-laws, infact she had especially requested for a Golden Love Song number for her mother, 爱你在心口难开 (Love You More Than I Can Say) to be sung after her speech. (Woo..oo.. Woo..oo.. Yeahh.. Yeah..)


Nevertheless, Peony Jade was an awesome venue for an intimate, traditional Chinese wedding with delicious food. The day would not have been more wonderful with handsome gentlemen clad in western gutters and beautiful women in their shiny Cheong sam costumes ala Shanghai style.

I hope they have enjoyed our interpretations of the songs specially selected by the couple. With Ivan as an addition to the band, his sax licks created an even more jazzy ambience to our youthful renditions of Shanghai Jazz love songs 给我一个吻 (Give Me A Kiss) with Melvin’s groovy bass to standards like “Two Sleepy People” and pop numbers from Charice Pempengco, “Always You” sung by Adi who also played keyboards that afternoon.

The four of us Melvin, Ivan, Adi and myself truly enjoyed ourselves at the wedding with the warmth of the couple’s friends and loved ones and their genuine hospitability. The reception from the audience was great, and I particularly enjoyed the songs Qing Qing chose.

Congratulations once again to Qing Qing and Yong Chuan and thank you for choosing us to be part of this intimate celebration!

L-R: Adi, Shi Li, Qing Qing, Yong Chuan, Melvin & Ivan

Band: Shi Li, Adi, Melvin, Ivan


给我一个吻 (Give Me A Kiss), 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), 我要你的爱 (I Want Your Love), 爱你在心口难开 (Love You More Than I Can Say), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, The Girl From Ipanema, L-O-V-E, La Vie en Rose, Dream A Little Dream, (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, Always You, Two Sleepy People, Stand By Me, Something About You, Cheek To Cheek, Beyond The Sea, I’m Yours, Lucky, A Little Respect, Moon River, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), When You Say Nothing At All



Hi Hsin Yeow

Little Dream brought life to the small wedding I had at Peony Jade. The atmosphere was very heartwarming and lively with Shi Li’s beautfiul vocals.

She was very bilingual and brought the essence of every songs! Every guest sang praises of the band. Both of us enjoyed the band very much!

We did not regret hiring little dream as they are professionals and we trust their experience and the numerous reviews given. We had hiccups with sound system at the venue but thanks to Ben, he was accommodating and we tapped on little dream’s sound system. Perfect! Thanks Hsin Yeow for recommending Shili and Adi, they truly rock!

Yc and Qing Qing