Hui Bing’s thoughts: Mushaboom

During one of the emails, Aaron, the groom said, “We are fine with songs that didn’t have a perfect or overly-happy lyrics that one would expect at a wedding. We didn’t just want happy tunes to just set the happy mood for the night, but ones that sort of tells stories about our past, present and in a way, future.”

And so we took up Aaron’s challenge and performed the diverse mix of songs which he had chosen for his wedding. These ranged from the usual jazz to songs which we have not heard before – such as Mushaboom, Stick With Me, Baby, Here Comes The Sun and other Beatles classics.

Even Roy, Aaron’s friend, commented on-stage that he thinks Aaron had a weird taste in songs. Not really, as I thought the songs that Aaron wanted Roy to sing, Over the Rainbow and This Boy (another Beatles song), were very nice indeed. But the best is saved for the last. We found out from Roy that he and Aaron were in a band back in school. So of course Aaron had to sing a song as well, which he did, with Roy as back-up, to thunderous applause from his guests, ending the evening on a high note.


Congratulations, Aaron and Yen Doo!

Band: Hui Bing, Clarence, Lim Hui

L-R: Lim Hui, Clarence, Aaron, Yen Doo, Hui Bing

Here Comes the Sun (1st March in), Dream A Little Dream, A Different Corner, All You Need Is Love, Hamburg Song, Mushaboom, Love Fool, Stick With Me Baby, Fields Of Gold, I Wanna Make It With You

Here There And Everywhere, Moon River, Two Sleepy People, The Nearness Of You, Cheek To Cheek, Over The Rainbow, This Boy

Song to Recommend:

Mushaboom – This catchy, cutesy song by Fiest kept playing in my head for a while after the wedding.