Eleanor’s thoughts: The Wedding Song

Jackie’s family, the Yau family, came all the way from Hong Kong. The ladies were all very slim and elegantly and fashionably dressed, e.g. Jackie’s mom wore a short champagne dress with a ketupat weave for the solemnisation and a champagne fur-trimmed cheongsam for the dinner, while his sister-in-law wore a Grecian draped gown showing off an unbelievably trim figure despite her having two children.

Jackie’s brother was in a suit with a great cut and very stylish update on the bow-tie/cravat that was just a plain black band around the collar, 2 children of the former: older boy was the ring-bearer in an impeccable tux, younger girl was one of the flower girls in what looked like a full bridal gown with embroidery and beading.

Solemnisation on the lawn was a gorgeous affair marred only by women’s high heels sinking into the soil or catching on gravel. The 2 flower girls and ring-bearer had stage fright for a few moments but eventually performed their duties beautifully.

All the lovely photos in this entry are courtesy of Daylight Pictures
A montage put together by the bride’s best friend and maid of honour, Mel, with a lovely, candid video interview of the couple talking about how they got together, laughing and teasing each other throughout, spliced with photos from their wedding shoot.

Highlights of father of the bride, Mr. Robert Lee’s amazing speech:

– Winston Churchill said that there are only two things more difficult than public speaking: trying to kiss a woman who is leaning away from you, and trying to climb a wall that is leaning towards you. Hence, I hope you don’t mind that I have written my speech down.

– I am here to warm you up for Jackie’s speech. So if you don’t like what I have to say, it’s only because I don’t want to give him too hard an act to follow.

– I’m sure you will all agree with me that Clara looks absolutely stunning tonight. As for Jackie, you look simply stunned.

– Clara dresses to kill. Unfortunately, she also cooks the same way.

– It seems like only yesterday that Clara was born. She was very tanned, and already had more hair than me.

– I have this advice for you…say these words often, and you’ll have a smooth-sailing marriage.
Dear, I’m wrong; honey, you’re right; sweetheart…just go ahead and buy it!”

Mr. Lee also paid tribute to his daughter as one who has always been ready to rise to the challenges she sees before her; she just earned her second degree. He also spoke of Jackie as all he could want in a son-in-law, and stated firmly that this was a match he definitely approved of. He had many friends and business associates in the ballroom who appeared well-acquainted with his eloquence and clapped and cheered him heartily throughout the speech.

Jackie, being emotional and quite overwhelmed, did not match his father-in-law’s eloquence, but made up for it with great sincerity and the fact that he wrote nothing down but spoke from the heart, thanking the Lee family for taking him in as one of their own when he moved here from HK.

Very lively, chatty atmosphere throughout the dinner. Dispensed with yam seng for a very civil “Cheers” but the couple’s friends were not about to let the newlyweds off so easily, and sabo’ed them when they went from table to table for photo-taking. Couldn’t see what was going on but there was a lot of laughter and raised, happy voiced in an informal yam seng, and certainly a lot more drinking.

At the end of our last song, the hearty cheers and applause from audience warmed our hearts.

Hsin Yeow’s additional thoughts

Sylvia of Idea Inn asked me to recommend an emcee for Jackie and Clara’s wedding. I instantly thought of Eleanor. She has extensive hosting experience, and garnered rave reviews from many satisfied couples.

After Eleanor’s meeting with the couple, I was pleasantly surprised to know that Jackie and Clara decided to engage Eleanor as emcee and singer as well!

Thank you Jackie and Clara, for your faith in us. Congratulations once again!

Band: Eleanor, Adeline, Feri

L-R: Eleanor, Jackie, Clara, Adeline, Feri





Canon In D (march-in), The Wedding Song, Wonderful Tonight, Endless Love, Lovin’ You, This I Promise You, From This Moment


You Belong To Me, Crazy For You, Grow Old With You, You’re Still The One, Now That I Found You, Can’t Fight This Feeling, Eternal Flame, Just The Way You Are, Time After Time, More Than Words, The Way You Look Tonight, A Love That Will Last, Your Song, Everything, Crazy Love, More, Besame Mucho, Lovin’ You, Fallen, Dream A Little Dream, How Do I Live, Moon River

Compliments from Clara:

Hi Hsin Yeow,

Sorry for the late reply.

First and foremost, we would like to thank Eleanor for being a great host during the Solemnization and the dinner. Also, we understand that due to the selection of the songs, Eleanor had to learn a couple of new songs.

However, we would like to say that she did a great job and we are very appreciate of the effort. Last but not least, we would also like to say a big thank you to the band for the great performance during the dinner at Raffles. The feedback after the wedding was that the band had an awesome performance and keep the crowd entertained throughout the night.

Just really want to say our heartfelt thanks for the performance that evening.