Bevlyn’s thoughts: I Believe

This is probably the wedding which I perform songs in the most number of languages, specifically, I took up the courage to learn a Korean song – ‘I Believe’, made popular by the Korean movie ‘My Sassy Girl’.  It was a bit unnerving, I had to admit!

On the actual day when I arrive for soundcheck, curiosity drove me to read the name cards placed on the rows of long tables. To my surprise, 2 of the cards were written ‘Jean-Paul’s oncle’, and ‘Jean-Paul’s tantan’. This discovery led my band and I into an intense debate of whether the groom is French and or if the bride is Korean. I kinda like this suspense, heh!

And so the mystery was unveiled during the couple’s speech. Jean-Paul’s father is Mauritius-Chinese, and his mum is Korean, which explains the multitude of languages he speaks. That, according to Stacey, is also one of the reasons why she fell for him. Under the teasing of the 2 bubbly friends who were also the emcees, Jean-Paul thanked his father in French, his mother in Korean, and Stacey’s father in Mandarin. But everyone was most bowled over when he was asked to thank Stacey’s mum in Hokkien, to which he said a simple ‘Gamsia’.

And just when the couple thought that they could return to their seats, the emcees struck up a ‘sabo’ for the groom again. Jean-Paul was requested to sing ‘月亮代表我的心’ (The moon represents my heart) to his bride in front of all the guests, but he took up the challenge readily. It was all for good fun, but I’m sure it will serve very fond memories for the lovely couple even many years from now.

We wish Jean-Paul and Stacey all the best in their marital journey, and congratulations once again!
(Don’t you just love the short fluffy dress?!)


L-R: Bevlyn, Jean-Paul, Stacey, Feri, Boon Chye


Band: Bevlyn, Feri & Boon Chye


La Vie En Rose (1st March-in) , I’m yours (2nd march-in), 我要你的爱 (I Need Your Love), Fly Me to the Moon, I Believe, C’est Si Bon, Dream a Little Dream, Les Champs Elysees, My Cherie Amour, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), The Way You Look Tonight, That’s Amour, Quando, Quando, Quando, 給我一 個吻 (A Kiss for Me), Wishes, Besame Mucho, Sway, 熱情的沙漠 1973 (Passionate Dessert), When I’m Sixty Four, L-O-V-E, Always True to You in My Fashion

Song To Recommend:

熱情的沙漠 1973 (Passionate Dessert)

It was simply too fun to do this song! We nearly wanted Boon Chye to do the ‘AH!’ parts!


Compliments from Stacey:

Hi Bevlyn,

Thank you so much to you and your band members for the lovely music, we had many pleased and happy guests that really like your music!

Hope it will bring you more biz too 😛

Once again, thanks for making the wedding complete with lovely notes and voice 🙂