Hui Bing’s Thoughts: Till the End

Derek and Lilian’s proposal story is like a scene from a romantic movie 🙂

“Derek had secretly planned an overseas trip to Bangkok during our proposal day. There he was appearing at my office building that morning and said “Just come down, we are catching a flight.” I was like “Huh, what flight?? To where??” Unknown to me, he has obtained prior approval from my boss. Hence, I went ahead with him to the airport.

And during our flight there, just like in the movie, “The Wedding Singer” (how Adam Sandler has chased after Drew Berrymore), Derek proposed to me in the plane, but of coz without the singing via the PA system. He looked into my eyes and fumbled for the proposal ring in his pocket and pop the question “Will you marry me?” At that moment, he was very embarrassed as there were other passengers next to us but his expression was so adorable.”

Actually, Derek should have considered singing through the PA system as he is quite a good singer! He voluntarily came up to the band to request to sing a song for Lilian and we did a quick rehearsal. When it was my cue to announce that Derek is going to sing a song, the guests went wild. He belted out Can’t Take My Eyes off You with gusto, all the time looking at Lilian who was by his side. He was rewarded with thunderous applause and a long kiss from Lilian.


Lilian also dedicated a song Till the End to Derek as he was the “reason for my happy days and the comfort in my sad ones. He is also the one who cheers my successes and comforts me in my failures.”

It was a pleasure to have three musicians backing me up that evening. Violinist Shoujie, who will be leaving for overseas soon to study law (we will miss you!), fatherly Niq whose percussion enlivened up all the songs, and Jixiang, who demonstrated his versatility in a wide genre of music.

Dear Lilian and Derek, it was a pleasure singing for you and your guests that evening and wishing you a lifetime of bliss and happiness!

Band: Hui Bing, Jixiang, Shoujie, Niq

L-R: Ji Xiang, Hui Bing, Li Lian, Derek, Niq, Shoujie

I Do (Cherish You) (1st March in song), La Vie En Rose (1st dish presentation), Till The End, Close To You, At Your Side, Make It With You, Lover’s Concerto, Can’t Smile Without You, Love Is Here To Stay, Something Stupid, Quando Quando Quando, Girl From Ipanema

Perfect (2nd march in), Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart) (Dedication to parents), Lean On Me (Dedication to our friends), Grow Old With You, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), The Way You Look Tonight, Wonderful Tonight, That’s When I Love You, Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Compliments from Derek & Lilian:


Dear Hui bing and Band,

Thank you for the wonderful performance on our wedding night and creating the lively ambience!

The guest totally enjoyed themselves throughout the night with the band 🙂

Once again, thank you very much and we hope to see you at other weddings!

Thanks and Regards,
Derek & Lilian