Imelda’s Thoughts: If We Hold On Together

I can still vividly remember what a unique and entertaining party Lin Li and Yik Shiong’s wedding was. We were engaged to be the entertainment, but ended up being engaged in total entertainment by the wedding entourage.

The moment I arrived at “The Lawn” of The Raffles Hotel, I was greeted by the riotous laughter of the band of brothers and sisters. They were in the midst of rehearsing for a hilarious skit they were going to present to the guests that revealed how Yik Shiong proposed to Lin Li. Uncovered in the actual skit later on, everyone present had the inside scoop to the truth of the proposal process. I can’t even describe to you how funny it was, all I can say is that Yik Shiong had the help of some “love” puppets with names I really can’t bring myself to mention ;p

Lin Li appeared as pretty as a perfect picture, with her baby doll bangs and long bouncy curls set in a red (I think Chanel) hairband that perfectly matched her definitely Chanel (classic black and beige) shoes. Her unconventional “ballerina tutu” inspired short white wedding dress was befitting to the lovely garden theme the couple had chosen for their wedding celebration.

As unique as every other aspect of this wedding, the cute couple did a happy little dance for their march in. Amidst the twirls, hops and skips, Yik Shiong accidentally “dropped” his wife and tumbled down after her. But before anyone could help them up, the couple held on together and did a fantastic recovery helping each other up. I thought this was such a perfect portrayal of what a strong marriage should be – that despite life’s ups and downs, and thrills and spills, that if we hold on together and help each other up along the way, “happily” will definitely be one that’s “ever after”.

Thanks for making us part of your special day, Yik Shiong and Lin Li. May your life together be as lovely everyday as it had been on this day. God Bless!

Photos Courtesy of Brian at Wedding PhotoJournalist

Band: Imelda, Lin Hui, Ian

L-R: Lin Hui & Imelda


L-O-V-E, So Nice, Daddy’s Little Girl, Come Fly With Me, 我的爱 (My Love), 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你 (Rose Rose I Love You), Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Rainbow Connection, Cheek to Cheek, When You Wish Upon A Star, You Belong To Me, First Of May, I Wish You Love, Let There Be Love, Moon River, 茉莉花 (Jasmine Flower), I Only Want To Be With You, Dance Me To The End Of Love, If We Hold On Together, Lovefool, Blue Moon, I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

Song To Recommend:

茉莉花 (Jasmine Flower) – A lovely folk tune from China

Compliments from Lin Li & Yik Shiong:

Hi Bevlyn,

Imelda and the musicians were wonderful at the party on Saturday! =)

I really enjoyed Imelda’s singing, and I’m sure my guests did too. It was lovely and her version of You Belong to Me was wonderful.

Thanks for recommending her to us. Do help us thank both Imelda and the musicians!

We are glad we (or rather our groomsmen and bridesmaids), entertained them well too!