Hui Bing’s thoughts: 喜欢你现在的样子 (I Love The Way You Look Now)

Cupid has its own ways of bringing two people together, as exemplified in Sammi and Cha Kun’s love story.

Sammi and Cha Kun first met at Imperial College, London when they were both studying Chemical Engineering. They remained good friends after graduation but both left for different countries to pursue their careers – Cha Kun went to MIT to pursue his PhD while Sammi came back to Singapore.

As fate would have it, Sammi was sent to the US on a work assignment and Cha Kun got a job in another part of US when he graduated from MIT. One day, Sammi came to Cha Kun to visit him as she had not visited that state before. They had a good time reliving memories from college and as the saying goes, the rest is history. 🙂


It was a pleasure singing for the guests that evening, as they seemed to enjoy the songs that Sammi and Cha Kun had chosen, which comprise mainly Mandarin pop. For myself and Jixiang, singing these songs brought back the times when we were performing regularly in a bubble tea lounge.

Our best wishes to Sammi and Cha Kun. Wishing you guys all the best ahead!

Band: Hui Bing, Jixiang, Joel

L-R: Ji Xiang, Joel, Cha Kun, Sammi, Hui Bing

From This Moment, Because You Loved Me, For You I Will, A Moment Like This, 约定 (Promise), 求婚 (Proposal), 最浪漫的事 (The Most Romantic Thing), 明天我要嫁给你啦 (I’m Marrying You Tomorrow), Love, 喜欢你现在的样子 (I Love The Way You Look Now), 美丽 (Beautiful), 我愿意 (I’m Willing), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 关怀方式 (The Way Of Caring), 爱我 (Love Me), 遇见 (Encounter), 可乐戒指 (Cola Ring), 你快乐(所以我快乐) (You’re Happy, So I’m Happy), 感谢你用心爱着我 (Thank You For Putting Your Heart Into Love Me), 家后 (Queen Of House)

Songs To Recommend:

These Mandarin pop songs were hits back in the ’80s and ’90s:

你快乐(所以我快乐) (You’re Happy, So I’m Happy) –

美丽 (Beautiful)

喜欢你现在的样子 (I Love The Way You Look Now)

爱我 (Love Me)

求婚 (Proposal)


Compliments from Cha Kun:

Hi Hsin Yeow,

Sorry for the late reply.

We’re both happy that we made the decision to hire your band. We both think that the performance was excellent! Especially thanks to Hui Bing for arranging for me to sing the impromptu song to Sammi, and picking up the pieces after me.

We received many positive comments from our guests regarding the band too, so we’re both very pleased with how the night went.

Cha Kun