Bevlyn’s thoughts: Can’t Help Falling In Love

30th November 2008 is a very significant date for us because it’s our 10th anniversary. We came together as a couple exactly 10 years ago and we are very glad that our families and friends can come together to share our happiness and give their blessings.

And so they were best of friends, boyfriend and girlfriend for 10 years since 30 Nov 1998; this date 10 years on marks them starting all over again but this time round as husband and wife. What touched me was Shawn’s unabashed declaration to Diana’s parents that he would take very good care of her for the rest of his life. He also did not shy away when he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his mother for her unconditional love; and his two aunts, one of whom has treated him as her own son, and the other whom he felt very much inspired by, all these years.

Diana was also full of gratitude expressing her thanks to her parents, whom she hopes to model after when she has children. To Shawn, she acknowledged their differences which but make them special, and though the future may not be easy, she is looking forward to and could not wait to spend the rest of her life with him. With that, she turned to Shawn and gave him a bear hug! I think that Diana and Shawn’s expressions of gratitude and love were excellent, because those certainly made the wedding very heart-warming! They even presented bouquets of flowers to the mothers, and a bouquet of chocolates to Diana’s father!

With the help of the band, Diana and Shawn dedicated some songs to 3 different groups of people; and I felt a need to blog what Diana had taken such care to dedicate:

The Gift of Love: To our parents for bringing us up and being the best parents we could ever ask for. We thank them for their unconditional love and we hope to be like them as parent when we have our own child.

I’m Yours: To our wedding coordinators, Vincent & Yee Jia. As well as to the Groom entourage – Jason, Johnny, Weijie and Hasan and Bride’s party — Joyce, Sharon, Aileen, Yng Ling, Wendy and Wendi, Shiyi, Coris. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for going the extra mile to ensure that this wedding can be carried out smoothly. They are the our best brothers and sisters.

Can’t Help Falling In Love: To Shawn, my boyfriend of 10 years and husband fresh from the oven. I thank him for being my soul-mate through the years. We have our differences and that make us special. We will walk down many “10 years” together as husband and wife. Happy 10th Anniversary!

Diana and Shawn, thank you so much for inviting us to perform at your wedding. The band had such a wonderful time because your guests were so warm to us! Perfect audience 🙂

We wish the two of you many many more blissful 10-years down the road. Congratulations!

Bevlyn, Linus on piano, Jixiang on guitar


When You Say You Love Me (1st March In), Fall For You, Grow Old With You, One Boy One Girl, When You Tell Me That You Love Me, L-O-V-E., Fall In Love (Koini Ochite), 黑白配 (Black and White), This Kiss, What Am I To You

Say Yes (2nd March In), I’m Yours, The Gift Of Love, Can’t Help Falling In Love, All About Loving You, Beautiful In My Eyes, Everyday I Love You, Won’t Go Home Without You, Save The Last Dance, Everything, When I Fall In Love, How Deep Is Your Love?

Compliments from Diana and Shawn: