Bevlyn’s thoughts: You Are The Love Of My Life

When I first arrived at the ballroom, I was received by beautiful arrangements of flowers lining the aisle, and more piles of fresh flowers and a beautiful pink backdrop on the stage. I figured those must be the “acts” carried out by wedding planner, Wedding Acts. On top of that, there was also a fountain of tantalising cupcakes on one side of the stage. I suppose elaborate details are easier to pin down if you have a wedding planner!

As both Yen Yen and Shelino are Indonesian Chinese, many of their guests flew in especially from Medan and Jarkarta, and even from China and Malaysia to attend the wedding. The emcee Thomas was a very close friend of the couple, and he was an excellent choice for an emcee because his speech in English and then subsequently Indonesian instantly made the guests feel at home.

And just precisely because they were such good friends, Thomas dared to do a ‘sabo’ on the couple – he cajoled Shelino to do a pole dance on Yen Yen. When Shelino replied he didn’t know how to, and asked Thomas to demonstrate, Thomas gamely demonstrated (not on Yen Yen of course, but on Shelino), much to everyone’s applause and cheers. Seeing Thomas’ answer to his dare, Shelino also did his rendition of pole-dancing, much to the amusement of the guests. But Thomas was not ‘satisfied’ and ‘punished’ the couple by making them kiss for a total of 8 counts (he cheated of course, by counting in fractions towards the end).

Another highlight was when Yen Yen’s good friend shared with the guests how she thought Shelino was the one meant for Yen Yen when they first got to know each other. Then she broke into the song Grow Old With You to the accompaniment of the live band. It was totally unrehearsed but she breezed through the performance like a pro!

The musical chemistry between James on keyboard and and Feri on guitar was amazing for me. So, thank you Yen Yen and Shelino for inviting us to perform at your wedding. Here’s wishing you everlasting love and eternal bliss!

We were also ecstatic to bump into Eadwine from Plush Photography and Yang from Substance Films, the photographer and videographer respectively for the wedding.

Following photos courtesy of Eadwine from Plush Photography



Band: Bevlyn, Zhengquan (ZQ), James, Feri


Quizas Quizas Quizas, L-O-V-E, Eternal Flame, Say A Little Prayer, Lovin’ You, Quando Quando Quando, Angels Brought Me Here, Lover’s Concerto, The Way You Look Tonight, Way Back Into Love, La Vie En Rose, Que Sara Sara

You Are The Love Of My Life (2nd march-in), 你是我心内的一首歌 (You’re A Song In My Heart), You Raise Me Up, Amour, To be With You, This Kiss, 童话 (Fairytale), Stick Wit You, You’ll Be In My Heart, I Finally Found Someone

Song To Recommend:

This Kiss by Faith Hill

– I love this easily-listening song. If you love fairytale-setting kind of songs, this is the one for you.