Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: The Gift

Pei Ling and Kok Hiang had a novel idea for their entrances into the ballroom. Before their first march-in, they had put together a slideshow of photographs, and timed it to end after two verses and two choruses of the march-in song, The Gift! They used the CD recording of the song to gauge the length of the video, because they wanted to start walking in at the lengthy instrumental part of the song (about 2:20 min into the song), before the final repeat of the chorus.

We were happy to help Pei Ling and Kok Hiang with this, and after two short rehearsals, we knew what to do. The amazing thing was that the couple had absolute trust that we could fulfill their wishes, since they had not heard us perform before.

The couple’s second entrance was also specifically timed together with another photo slideshow, this time of the couple’s solemnisation ceremony. When I saw the lyrics appear on screen, it was my cue to start singing the song, You Raise Me Up.

Another memorable part of the evening happened right at the end, during our ‘encore’. One of the guests (surprisingly a non-Chinese) wanted a song by singer-songwriter, Guang Liang. I chose to sing 童话 (Fairy Tale), a collosal hit in Asia. When I started singing, I was tickled to see two tables of friends standing up and waving their hands in unison, as if they were groupies at a concert. Thank you, guys, for making it so much fun!

Congratulations Pei Ling and Kok Hiang! Thank you so much for your faith in us, and we look forward to seeing you again!

Band: Bevlyn, Hsin Yeow, Joel





The Gift (1st March-in), When You Say You Love Me, Love Me Tender, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Grow Old With You, Every Day I Love You, The Love I Found In You, Love Of My Life, L-O-V-E, A Moment Like This, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet)

You Raise Me Up (2nd March-in), 但愿人长久 (May All Live Well And Long), Lover’s Concerto, Fly Me To The Moon, My Valentine, Because You Loved Me, The Prayer, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, In Love With You, 今天你要嫁给我 (You’re Gonna Marry Me Today)

Audience Request:

童话 (Fairy Tale)

Compliments from the groom: Having our little dream

L-R: Joel, Bevlyn, Pei Ling, Kok Hiang, Hsin Yeow

Hi Hsin Yeow,

Err..the honest truth is that both Pei Ling and myself only started planning full-time for the wedding 4 days before the actual big day and we came up with what we wanted to do for the wedding on Thur, just in time for Sun. We believed that by focussing on the dreams that we have for the wedding, it would be translated into reality and everything else would fall in place.

Calling it naivety, we believed that everything would turn out well, and we put our faith in your team. When we walked on the red carpet and saw everything performed as clockwork precision, the immense happiness was, priceless.

Thanks again to Bevlyn, Joel and yourself for making it happen. It proves that all it takes is to start with a little dream and the rest will take care of itself.

Kok Hiang & Pei Ling