Band: Bevlyn (emcee + vocals), Meimei (piano), Melvin (guitar)

Cindy Joshua

L-R: Melvin, Joshua, Cindy, Bevlyn, Meimei

Cindy and Joshua knew each other in NUS when they took the same course at the Building and Real Estate faculty. . Fast forward 9 long years later, the couple finally decided to tie the knot!! Congratulations, pls have many mini Joshua-Cindy soon! 


  1. This is the day (1st March-in)
  2. You and me
  3. Beautiful Purpose
  4. In my daughter’s eyes
  5. A love that will last
  6. How deep is your love
  7. Same side of the moon
  8. Better together
  9. Come away with me
  10. Wishes – Le Couple
  11. The gift (2nd March-in)
  12. Through the years
  13. There’s a kind of hush
  14. Tong Hua
  15. For once in my life
  16. Just the way you are (Billy Joel)
  17. The first, the last, my everything
  18. Everything in its time
  19. Les Champs Elysees (Joe Dassin)
  20. I do
  21. September