Jixiang’s Thoughts: 永远爱不完 (Our Love Is Forever)

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort. This is especially true for Jackson and Jia Ying, who put in a tremendous amount of effort to create their own J&J’s fairytale wedding.

The wedding ceremony kicked start with a cartoon animation of their courtship days. The backing track of the animation was sung none other by the very talented J&J team. Next, their guests were treated to a J&J Wedding Cinema, a creative wedding day video employing a flash forward technique which illuminated a scene of the future on how Jackson and Jiaying revived their memories of their wedding day which were locked away and forgotten in their daily lives. The guests were also treated to a live performance of the J&J team when the lovely couple marched in the second time to the tune of Aaron Kwok’s 永远爱不完 (Our Love Is Forever). The performance would not be complete without Aaron’s trademark moves and the J&J team did just that!

What impressed me most was how hands-on Jackson & Jiaying were throughout their endeavors of seeing their wedding day come to culmination. I remembered meeting Jackson and Jiaying at my place where we went through the music arrangement of the medley, Just The Way You Are & Teenage Dream, which was used in their cartoon animation clip.

Their time and effort in making this wedding dream come true has definitely left a lasting impression to all their guests. More importantly, it is one I’m sure Jackson and Jiaying themselves find joy and meaning in making a fairytale wedding come true.

My heartfelt congratulations go to Jackson and Jiaying. I’m happy to be able to offer my help for your song arrangement and your actually day performance. Wishing you a blessed marriage ahead, just like the one we saw in your wedding cinema!

Band: Junxiong, Huibing & Jixiang

L-R: Ji Xiang, Jackson, Jiaying, Hui Bing, Jun Xiong


From This Moment (1st March-in), Angels Brought Me Here, Bubbly, Everlasting Love, Grow Old With You, L-O-V-E , That’s What Friends Are For, Yellow, Love Story, Way Back Into Love, I Cross My Heart, 你最珍贵 (You’re Most Precious), 小夫妻 (Hubby & Wifey), 恋爱频率 (Frequency of Love), 小酒窝 (Dimples), PS I Love You, 家 (Home), 永远爱不完 (Our Love Is Forever) (2nd March-in),  Forever Love, 甜蜜蜜 (Sweetness), 可乐戒指 (Coke Ring)

Compliments from Jackson and Jiaying:

Hi Hsin Yeow,

Sorry about the late reply as we have been busy planning for our honeymoon next week.

Our views on the band? I think that they’re simply fantastic!

Some of our guests didn’t even realize that it’s live singing until they walked past the area where the band is stationed at.

They actually thought that the songs were played from some CD! Some also asked if Huibing & Junxiong are DJs working at a local radio station =). Everyone was full of praises on the quality of the band that day. Thumbs up!

The professionalism of the team was also something we’re really impressed with. Junxiong co-ordinated everything with the hotel’s banquet manager directly and took care of everything themselves. This really gave a peace of mind to our own co-ordinator who was already overwhelmed by all the other arrangements. Additionally, we came to know that Jixiang was actually feeling under the weather that day but as we have requested for him specifically, he still turned up to perform on our special day and we really appreciate that. Kudos to him and the team!

Special thanks goes to to Jixiang and Huibing as well. During the pre-wedding production of our cartoon animation, we had the chance to meet up with them at their lovely home for a short discussion cum rehearsal on the song. When we heard the demo track for the first time, it totally exceeded our expectations as we were expecting a simple guitar track and instead Jixiang gave us a pleasant surprise by adding in much more to add to the richness of the music track!

All in all, the engagement with ALD has been a wonderful experience. You guys really made our wedding a memorable one. A big thank you!