Junxiong’s thoughts: One Boy, One Girl

Shun De and Cythia is an extremely jovial and lively couple who easily “infects” the guests throughout the night with their warmth and heartiest greetings! Perhaps one would easily understand why as they finally get together only after knowing each other for almost ten years, with 5 yrs of wooing from ShunDe (what I deemed as real perseverance..). On top of that, ShunDe is also a very thoughtful and considerate partner from Cynthia’s accounts.

During his past army days, he even surprised Cynthia at her place at midnight 12am with all her favourite snacks just because Cynthia had mentioned such cravings in an earlier phone conversation. What a man! And needless to say, Cynthia is a such a charming, loving and understanding lady who totally deserves all his attention and care… 🙂

In addition, today’s wedding banquet is a warm and memorable one, not only for the newly weds but also for all the wedding guests. The moment where the couple presented three bouquets of flowers to both the couple’s parents and ShunDe’s granny really touches and melts all our hearts! The thoughtful couple had also specially arranged a 2-piece jazz ensemble for the night to fill the beautiful ambience with live jazz music.

Hi ShunDe & Cynthia,
Once again, Congratulations and my most sincere wishes to both of you! I am sure there will be many many more ten years down your eternal road of happiness! ^_^

Emcee: Jun Xiong

L-R: Jun Xiong, Shunde, Cynthia, Shiyun (Cynthia’s sister)