Mary & Jee Yon were swamped by song requests at Ming Teck and Wei Ting‘s wedding! They were also very happy to (learn and) perform the songs to be dedicated from the couple to their loved ones (see repertoire below for dedications).

Here’s wishing Ming Teck & Wei Ting a fantastic adventure as husband & wife! 🙂

Band: Mary (vocals), Jee Yon (vocals & guitar)


1. 1st March In – Beautiful in white
2. 2nd March In – A moment like this – Kelly Clarkson
3. 告白氣球 – 周杰
4. 讓我為你唱情歌 – 蕭敬騰
5. 就是愛妳 – 陶喆
6. 復刻回憶 – 方大同 ft. Fiona Sit (薛凱琪)
7. 你知道我对你不仅仅是喜欢 – 孫語賽×蕭
8. 謝謝妳愛我 – 謝和弦 R-Chor
9. Perfect by Ed Sheeran
10. Back at One by Brian McKnight
11. 蘇打綠 Sodagreen feat. Ella – 你被寫在我的歌裡
12. 我會很愛妳 – 言承
13. Everything by Michael Bublé
14. 爱很简单 – 陶喆
15. One Friend – Dan Seals (dedicate to all friends and colleagues, thank you for spending this special moment with us! It means a lot to us!)
16. 痴情玫瑰花 (福建歌)
17. 干一杯 – 小凤凤 (福建歌)
18. 欢喜干一杯 – 陈雷 (dedicate to our parents and all relatives. Thank you for being here with us, your presence is of great importance to us!)
19. 海阔天空 (dedicate to brothers and sisters. Hello brothers and sisters, thank you for all your support given throughout our wedding preparation. 岁月不留人, we have known each other for more than 10 years, this friendship will never die and let’s chase our goal and dream without any limit!)
20. Titanium
21. The Zombies – This Will Be Our Year