Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Built To Last

The match of the century: Bon Jovi VS Tommy Page

Who will win?

In Karen and Kenneth’s wedding, everyone wins. I sweated for many nights when I first got the song list. It was clearly the result of two distinct tastes in music. Kenneth’s contributions were songs like Wherever You Will Go and Spin (both of which I grew to love), while Karen’s favourites were probably Arthur’s Theme and Flying Without Wings.

More lovely photos here

It was a challenge I relished, and so I made sure I had the services of musicians whom I could trust. James, Wah Yong and Niq worked together like trained acrobats in a circus, balancing on a sonic tightrope so expertly that not a single beat was out of time. We were thrilled beyond belief when the audience joined the couple on the dance floor, and for a while, it seemed like half the crowd was jiving to the music!

Another memorable moment was when Kenneth fulfilled his dream of becoming a Rock Guitar God by joining the band for two numbers. Thanks to Kelvin, here’s what he looked like:


Congratulations Karen and Kenneth! Thank you so much for your trust in me. It was a pleasure to perform for you!

Band: Hsin Yeow, James, Wah Yong, Niq

(Back Row) L-R: Niq, James, Hsin Yeow, Wah Yong
(Front Row) Karen and Kenneth

The one who’s happiest when he’s banging on drums – Niq


Home, I’m Yours, Love Will Keep Us Alive, 100 Years, Wherever You Will Go, Love Of A Lifetime, Built To Last, Won’t Go Home Without You, Just The Way You Are, Come Fly With Me, My Way, Quando Quando Quando, Moon River, Somebody, Arthur’s Theme, Flying Without Wings, Fly Me To The Moon, Last Christmas

Audience’s requests:

我只在乎你 (I Only Care For You), 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), 明天我要嫁给你 (I Want To Marry You Tomorrow)

Compliments from Kenneth:


Dear Hsin Yeow,

Sorry for the delayed reply as we flew off for our honeymoon the very next day of our wedding and we’re still currently in London.

Would like to drop a quick note to thank you and your team very for a wonderful job done. We couldn’t have asked for a better singer and band.

Some honest feedback that you’ve requested for, we polled our friends and…Everyone had nothing but praises for your singing and wondered where we found you from.

Being a small wedding, Karen and I initially had reservations that the atmosphere wasn’t gonna be fantastic as compared to other weddings which had a lot more guests.

But everyone had praise for the classy, intimate and personal environment that was created and a large part of the credit belongs to your team and you. We even had guests coming up to us, asking us for our help in planning their weddings such that they too can have such fantastic atmosphere. Our answer to them was simply,” Hire Hsin Yeow”.

Our only complaint was Karen and I didn’t have the chance to enjoy more of your music as we were busy entertaining the guests ourselves! If only we had a recording of your singing. Hopefully our videographers managed to capture some of your excellent performance.

We’ll send you a copy of the picture after our photographer has them ready. BTW, what’s the title of the song again that you dedicated to us on the Tommy Page & Metallica differences? haha.

Thank you once again, Hsin Yeow.

Kenneth & Karen

Songs To Recommend:

Arthur’s Theme – one of the classic love songs.