Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Dancing tots are becoming a regular fixture at our wedding performances. A day ago, two boys joined me on the stage and danced in wild abandon. At Sudhir and Li Ling’s wedding, a beautiful little girl boogied energetically to the jazz standards I was singing. We were completely charmed by her.

Li Ling and Sudhir were friends for several years before love bloomed two years ago. I imagined it to be something like the song Orange Coloured Sky

“I was walking along minding my business,
when out of an orange colored sky
Flash, bam, alakazam, wonderful you came by
I was humming a tune, drinking in sunshine,
when out of that orange colored view
Wham, bam, alakazam, I got a look at you”
I’d wanted to sing this joyful tune for several months now, and I finally got the chance at Sudhir and Li Ling’s wedding. It was the first song that evening, and I dedicated it to the lovely couple.

The wedding was marked by gaiety and laughter, from the hilarious speech given by the Best Man to the spontaneous singing from the guests when I performed a familiar song.

Thank you, Sudhir and Li Ling, for engaging us! Congratulations on getting married, and may you enjoy many orange-coloured sunsets together!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Jonathan Ang, Jonathan Lim, Feri

I first met Sudhir and Li Ling at Valerie and Ying Ming’s wedding a year ago. Needless to say, I booked the two Jonathans to perform with me. I also persuaded the couple to engage Feri, whose formidable guitar skills added more variety and texture to the music.

Special thanks to Thomas, for sending me these beautiful photos:

L-R: Hsin Yeow, Jonathan Ang, Li Ling, Sudhir, Jonathan Lim, Feri

More fabulous photos of the wedding can be found here, by the inimitable Eadwine (plushphotography.com), who was the main photographer.


Orange Coloured Sky, L-O-V-E, Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off, Recipe For Love, Let There Be Love, Better Together, Beyond The Sea, Cheek To Cheek, ‘S Wonderful, Pretty World, I’m Beginning To See The Light

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, The Way You Look Tonight, Two Sleepy People, The Way You Look Tonight, Fly Me To The Moon, Bridge Over Troubled Water, You Raise Me Up, Chasing Cars, Sway, Save The Last Dance For Me

Song request: Quando Quando Quando (sung by a guest)

Song To Recommend:

Bridge Over Troubled Water

– This classic struck a chord among many members of the audience. Do consider it for your wedding as well.

Orange Coloured Sky

– An excellent opening song. It makes me want to jump for joy!

Recipe For Love

– A delightful number. Take a look at the whimsical lyrics

Compliments from Li Ling and Sudhir:

Our entire experience with A Little Dream was fantastic. Hsin Yeow is a pleasure to work with, he was extremely open to all our suggestions. On the night of the wedding, everything went off perfectly. The songs were beautiful, the guests were singing away, a very merry experience. The band even accommodated old uncles who wanted their turn at the mike, and little girls who wanted to dance. We highly recommend them.

Li Ling and Sudhir