Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: L-O-V-E

This was a really special wedding for me.

When Michelle decided to engage us for her wedding, she wrote me a very long e-mail and shared many details of her relationship with Thomas. I felt very privileged to read about the special moments they shared, including Thomas’ proposal which involved a ring, Rose wine and Bintan. 🙂

Thanks for the love photographs, Soon!
Soon is from 2ofusphotography


I met up with Michelle and Thomas a week before their wedding, and seeing them in person gave me an even greater insight into their relationship. It also gave me a few ideas to spice up the wedding!

My favourite moment of the wedding was getting the flower girl to sing L-O-V-E along with me. She was initially hesitant, but I managed to persuade her, and it elicited thunderous applause!


Congratulations Michelle and Thomas! You have touched the hearts of everyone that night with your love. May peace and joy accompany you always.

Band: Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn, Joel, Wah Yong

L-R: Joel, Bevlyn, Thomas, Michelle, Hsin Yeow, Wah Yong

I Finally Found Someone (1st march-in), 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 我只在乎你 (I Only Care For You), 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), Truly Madly Deeply, You’re The Inspiration, I Do (Cherish You), Just The Way You Are, When You Say Nothing At All, All My Life

1234 (2nd march-in), Lucky, I’m Yours, 给我一个吻 (Give Me A Kiss), 一见你就笑 (I Smile When I See You), 我要你的爱 (I Want Your Love), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, L-O-V-E, You To Me Are Everything, Falling For You, Fly Me To The Moon

Compliments from Michelle:

Hi Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn, and your team,

First of all, thank you for making our wedding last friday so memorable & fun!

It ended before we even realised it…..

We had received good feedback for a very warm-hearted & cozy event. All thanks to a great emcee (Hsin Yeow), who made this happen! Thank you for making the event lively & fun! Singing was simply great too! The guests wished they had more of it…

Everyone loved the performance & enjoyed themselves….

We wished we were one of the guests so we could enjoy more of it…

You guys really made our wedding event special! 🙂

All the best! Take care..

Thomas & Michelle

P/S: As promised, I will email the photo once it’s ready. 🙂