Bevlyn’s thoughts: Mint To Be

Funky. Out-of-the-box. Those are the words I would use to describe Sabrina and Shawn’s wedding. Oh, and Rectangular Tables. Round tables, which are a fixture at traditional Chinese dinners, were nowhere to be found at the unconventional wedding celebration. According to Sabrina, those were reserved for her first wedding dinner, on the 17th, which was organised for their family members. Her second, held on the 18th and in the same venue as the first, was strictly for friends only.

Another example of the couple’s creativity: they tied up with Mentos to produce personalised door gifts for their friends! Each guest was given a stick of Mentos sweets with the familiar looking wrapper, but with prints that say: Shawn and Sabrina ‘mint to be’. 18 June 2006. Chewy Peppermint Dragees. Best before 19 June 2006. Thank you for sharing our special day!

Although the band had performed at the Amara Hotel earlier this month, I was thrilled to find out that this time, we were to sing in a pavilion at the poolside, with the guests surrounding us!

It turned out that the band wasn’t the only form of entertainment. The couple’s friends also planned two special surprises for the evening. One was for the band to sing a birthday song for Shawn (his birthday falls on 18th June) for their 2nd march-in. It worked wonderfully! Shawn looked bewildered as we sang and beckoned him towards the pavilion, where his birthday cake was waiting for him.

The second ‘conspiracy’ was to ask Shawn and Sabrina to perform an impromptu rendition of Something Stupid. The couple were sporting enough to take up the challenge, and with some help from Junxiong and me, they managed to sing the entire song. They even did a bit of dancing in between!

Shawn then gave a very touching speech, in which he explained the reason why they chose to solemnise their wedding on 17th of June was because Sabrina’s birthday was on the 16th, and his was on the 18th!

The final surprise of the evening was a video of how Shawn spent his stag night. It showed footage of Shawn vomiting in a toilet somewhere (yes, the camera zoomed in on what he passed out!) and him standing against the wall, drunk and helpless. Though Shawn was stunned into silence at first, he took it in good stride and laughed at himself along with the others.

These are what memories are made of. 🙂

Take a look at the happy couple below:

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Did I mention that Sabrina is a Singaporean Chinese while Shawn is Sri Lankan? They looked amazing that night!
Band: Bevlyn, Jun Xiong, Jonathan Ang, Wilson

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L-R: Jun Xiong, Bevlyn, Sabrina, Shawn, Wilson and Jonathan

These Are The Moments, A Love That Will Last, Beautiful In My Eyes, Fly Me To The Moon, Beyond The Sea, Love Will Keep Us Alive, My Cherie Amour, From This Moment, For The First Time, Something About You, Your Song, A Moment Like This, L.O.V.E, C’est Si Bon, I Wanna Make It With You, We’ve Only Just Begun, Come What May, (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, Wonderful Tonight, Something Stupid

Wedding Tips:

(1) Have separate celebrations for friends and relatives if possible. You can let your hair down with a friends-only party!
(2) Think of creative wedding favours
(3) Celebrate your birthday if it happens to fall on your wedding day
(4) Be sporting if asked to sing a song; get the band to help you!

Compliments from Sabrina:

The band did a GREAT job at our wedding. You guys surprised us though, by asking us to perform Something Stupid. Our guests are still talking about our “awful” rendition till this day. Your presence and performance made all the difference to our celebrations. Thank you for making our night even more special.