Martin and Michelle‘s wedding was held away from the bustling crowd, nestled within the cooling part of Singapore at Mount Faber Safra. They met each other when they were working in the same company, after the boss played matchmaker. The wedding proposal was sneaked in during a studio photoshoot – the photographer strolled in puzzled with a bouquet in hand and hollered, “Whose bouquet is this? Is it prepared by the studio?” Obviously the bouquet wasn’t part of the shoot’s  theme. Martin plucked the bouquet from the photographer’s hands, went down on one knee in front of Michelle and proposed to her right in the studio!

Michelle mentioned that Martin has the innate ability to make simple pleasure and memories out of daily life for her, spicing up her everyday life ever since they met. This was a simple but touching proposal for Michelle. Michelle recalled to us about her first bouquet she received from Martin, it was a bouquet consisted of 99 gold roses made out of ferrerro rocher wrappers.

Fast forward to today on their wedding day, we see the wedding venue filled with joy and laughter as Regine, our wedding emcee tells the story again. Regine also played a beer game that saw her target a few of the couple’s great friends to drink up as penalty. Needless to say, the guests’ merry cheers for the game really warmed up the atmosphere!

Martin & Michelle, we wish you a marriage filled with never-ending joy, flowing forever like the beer-relay at the wedding dinner! 😉