Bevlyn’s thoughts: These Are The Moments

Yao Ming and Javis got to know each other as colleagues, and 8 years down the road, they celebrated their wedding at Shangri-La’s Island ballroom with 14 tables of families, close friends and relatives. ‘Small-scale affair’ as Yao Ming coined it, but with the high ceilings and the majestic decors of the Island Ballroom, I thought it made it all the more exclusive 🙂

The guests were a tad quiet that afternoon at the beginning, perhaps due to the fact that it’s a lunch on a Sunday. But, when we delivered classics like ‘Do That To Me One More Time’, we received loud applauses (i.e. music to our ears).The band even got a standing ovation when we delivered the Kenny Rogers classic ‘Through The Years’! Here’s one of my favourite wedding songs:

We could tell the guests were warming up to us slowly over the afternoon with impromptu song requests coming in, and we knew the temperature was raised when a guest came up to us to request that we invite the couple for a slow dance.,“You all perform the songs so romantically, I thought it would be great if the couple can do a slow dance.”

I invited Yao Ming and Javis as requested, not knowing if they would be game enough to take on the impromptu request. Yao Ming seemed pleased at the idea while Javis looked a bit surprised that Yao Ming seemed agreeable. Then everyone’s applause encouraged the couple to  the front of the ballroom for a simple dance, to our rendition of the waltz ‘Two Words’.It was definitely a beautiful dance with all the guests watching on 🙂

Congrats Yao Ming and Javis, we love the songs you’ve chosen, and the band had fun! Here’s wishing you a blissful marriage!

Band: Bevlyn, James & Fabian


La Vie En Rose (1st march-in), More Than This, L-O-V-E, Do That To Me One More Time, All My Life, All About Loving You, Sugar Sugar, 给我一个吻 (A Kiss For Me), Rainbow Connection, Through The Years, Everlasting Love,

These Are The Moments (aka I Could Not Ask For More) (2nd march-in), Pretty World, It Had To Be You, Nobody Loves Me Like You Do, Way Back Into Love, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Love Will Keep Us Together, Angels Brought Me Here, 我只在乎你 (You’re The One I Care About), You To Me Are Everything, I’m Yours

Compliments from Couple:

Hi Bevlyn,

I would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent song performances at my wedding lunch banquet today!

I received a lot of feedback from my friends and colleagues that your singing is excellent and some (my Mum included) even thought the hotel was playing a CD till they turned around and saw you singing! I will definitely recommend you to my friends or colleagues who will be holding their wedding banquets in the future!

A Big Thank You to you and your band!

Yao Ming