Bevlyn’s Thoughts: If We Hold On Together

I was deeply touched by this particular stanza in one of Fang Ting’s emails, :

I don’t think I can find anyone except Mr Wong Shuhong who can do anything, everything and nothing with me! That’s so much things we love doing together, skating, music, playing boardgames and computer games, driving out at night when there’s a sudden yoghurt or ice-cream cravings and so on. Even when I picked up knitting, he tagged along and picked up knitting with me. I have Shuhong to do even the stupidest, craziest, lamest thing with me. Even when we are doing nothing, we are just fine laughing at each other’s not funny jokes.

Did Fang Ting actually mention KNITTING??!!

With such chemistry, it was no wonder that Shu Hong proposed to Fang Ting only 1 month after they starting dating (she accepted of course). I don’t know about you, but it counts as one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever heard.

And as taking keyboard lessons was one of the many things which catapulted their relationship further, the couple decided to perform a song “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatt. In Shu Hong’s words, “We have been training and we thought we sound rather good, so we’ll like to share it with you”. And indeed, I was blown-away by their good performance standard. In fact I thought it to be an excellent idea that Fang Ting sang while Shu Hong accompanied her on keyboard – it was something they could prepare and do together as husband and wife to mark their union on the wedding day.

Matthew played the instrumental version of “If We Hold On Together” for the 1st march-in, trying his best to follow what Fang Ting had passed to us:

It was my first time performing at the Jade Site 1, and I love the sunset and the sea breeze! If you love the sand and the sea, this is the place. Basically the whole banquet is set on the beach so you have sand beneath your shoes, that’s as natural as it gets!

We’d love to thank Fang Ting and Shu Hong to have us serenade their guests with our music. Here’s wishing them endless days of good fun and happiness to come. Cheers!!

Band: Bevlyn, Matthew & Jixiang


If We Hold On Together (Instrumental) (1st March-in), Mr Beasley, Sway, Kiss Me, I’m Yours, Love Story, Yellow, Love Song, Realise, Stay, That’s When I Love You, 恋之憩 (Love Dock), Bubbly

我只在乎你 (I Only Care For You), 月亮代表谁的心 (Whose Heart Does The Moon Represent), I Love You, You And Me, Shakespeare In Love, These Are The Moments, Inside Your Heaven, Your Love (Is the Greatest Gift of All), A Love That Will Last, What The World Needs Now Is Love

Compliments from Fang Ting & Shu Hong:

Hi Bevlyn,

Greetings from Japan! Didn’t had time to write this until now.

Really want to thank you and your band for the wonderful performance that night. I wish I could just sit down and enjoy the live music! I was really touched when you sang Teresa Tseng’s 我只在乎你。(I Only Care About You).

Please help us thank Matthew too. The march in song was perfect!

Fang Ting & Shuhong
Songs to Recommend:

Love Story by Taylor Swift – If you’re into Romeo and Juliet and young teeny-popper song, check this lovely one out!

Realize by Colbie Cailat – This song is just so soothing, and the lyrics rocks.
月亮代表谁的心 (Whose Heart Does The Moon Represent?) – If you like a classic remake, check this one by David Tao!