Bevlyn’s thoughts: All I Want For Christmas Is You

“I’ll also like to thank my husband, thank you for not having the 7-year itch…”. Everyone laughed when they hear Audrey say this in her thank you speech. Funny as it might sound, I thought it showed how Audrey does not take their dating-marathon relationship for granted. So after a long 7-year dating marathon, Richard and Audrey finally tied the knots at Sentosa, which holds a special meaning in their hearts. When the band arrived, it was drizzling a little, and we saw Richard and Audrey having their solemnsation with many of their close friends and family outside The Pavilion. 🙂

The banquet started off with Tien-yao and I singing “I Finally Found Someone”, along with Raziz’s wonderful saxophone accompaniment. Being on the high stage meant that we could oversee most of the guests, and we were very happy to see some of the guests mouthing along the lyrics with us in between their bites!

The 2nd march-in is a special song which touched Audrey a lot when watching the Korean drama serial “Boys Before Flowers“. So we learned the song specially for her, with Tien-yao on guitar and Raziz on saxophone.

The couple also shared a video clip which featured their close friends’ congratulatory messages, which I find is always a memorable keepsake. 🙂

I was also very amused when a female elderly guest came up to me during my break and asked if I could sing “Nobody”. Who could have imagined the reach of this song? 🙂

And though it was a month to Christmas, Richard and Audrey thought it would be nice for the band to perform 1 Christmas song, and we did! All I Want For Christmas Is You:

Congratulations once again Richard and Audrey! 🙂


Band: Bevlyn, Tien-yao & Raziz


I Finally Found Someone (1st March-in), Bubbly, Valentine, 爱你不是兩三天 (I’ve Loved You for a While), Destiny, Somewhere, ,I’m Yours, Your Love (Is The Greatest Gift Of All), 小夫妻 (Little Couple), My Cherie Amour, Angels Brought Me Here, The Gift

I Know (2nd March-in), La Vie En Rose, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), Pretty World , Eternal Flame, 有你真好 (It’s Wonderful With You Around), For No Reason, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Built To Last, 今天你要嫁给我 (You’re Marrying Me Today!)