Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: The Man Who Wasn’t There

Although some clients specifically ask for Bevlyn or me for their weddings, we may need to find others because of prior commitments. Thankfully, we have a few excellent singers in our band, including Hui Bing, Jun Xiong, Eleanor and Zheng Quan (ZQ).

For Sharon and Andrew’s wedding, I had to call Hui Bing and Jun Xiong at the last minute, due to a family emergency. Although they had less than a week to prepare, it wasn’t a problem because the songs were familiar to them.

When I called Sharon a few days later, she was full of praise for Jun Xiong and Hui Bing, and complimented them on their honeyed vocals and hosting ability.

Thanks guys, for doing a great job!

Band: Hui Bing, Jun Xiong, Jonathan Ang, Feri


Quando Quando Quando, When You Say Nothing At All, I Only Wanna Be With You, Pachelbel Canon (solo performance by Jonathan), Have I Told You Lately?, Eyes On Me, She, Valentine, You Belong To Me, I Finally Found Someone, From This Moment, Let It Be Me, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart)