Thank you Wenaline & Jimmy for engaging the multi-talented Jee Yon for their wedding entertainment! As a one-piece band, not only does Jee Yon sing and play the guitar, he also emcees 🙂

Congratulations to Wenaline & Jimmy, may the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years!

Here’s Jee Yon’s playlist:



All Out Of Love [Air Supply] Just The Way You Are [Bruno Mars] Love Me Like You Do [Ellie Goulding] Love Story [Taylor Swift] I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing [Aerosmith] A Thousand Year [Christina Perri] Everything I Do (i do it for you) [Bryan Adams] Perfect [Ed Sheeran] 最重要的决定 [范玮琪] 告白气球 [周杰伦] 今天你要嫁给我 [陶喆] 家后 [江惠] 简单爱 [周杰伦] 爱的就是你 [王力宏] 小幸运 [Hebe] 有点甜 [汪蘇瀧] 人海中遇见你 [林育群] 谢谢你爱我 [谢和弦] 就是爱你 [陶喆] 当 [动力火车] *