Band: Bevlyn (emcee + vocals), Justin (guitar), Benjamin (piano)

In Bevlyn’s emcee speech, she mentioned that Benny the groom is one who spoils the market, because his love for bride Chloe is more demonstrative by most standards. For eg, when he was wooing Chloe, he learnt magic tricks in the hope of getting her attention. And though Chloe had agreed to marry him, he still took on the stress of throwing a surprise on their wedding day by singing 《愛很簡單》with the live band.

And this is all orchestrated by Benny himself – to have Bevlyn invite Chloe to the centre of the ballroom and announce for her to anticipate a surprise. Before that, Benny had already taken the slip during a video that everyone was watching and was now hidden outside the ballroom door. With the music intro by the live band (guitar by Justin and piano by Benjamin)., the next thing we know, we heard Benny’s singing and see him walk into the ballroom towards Chloe.

How romantic is that?

Congratulations Benny and Chloe!! You guys rock!! ❤️

Benny & Chloe

L- R: Benjamin, Bevlyn, Chloe, Benny, Justin


  1. Everytime we touch (Cascada) – inspiration for brides who want to sing
  2. Perfect (2nd march-in)
  3. My Destiny (Lyn) (Korean)
  4. The Climb (Miley Cyrus)
  5. You Are My Everything (Gummy)
  6. Free choice by band and song requests from guests.