sheraton towers wedding live band emcee mc games fun kahoot

Clifford and Janice‘s wedding celebration started with a little bit of fun! The emcees used a phone app ‘Kahoot’ that allows all the guests to participate in a quiz that tests their knowledge of the couple and their relationship.

Fun questions include “Which is the park that the couple went to for their first date?, and “Which 5 counties had Janice been to?”

Sheraton Towers Wedding Live Band Music Emcee MC


After this fun segment, the band performed “Beautiful In White” for their 1st March-in. Dominic not only plays the saxophone , he also plays the aerophone, which is capable of producing strings, flute and other instrument sounds !
Sheraton Towers Wedding Live Band Music Emcee MC


Sheraton Towers Wedding Live Band Music Emcee MC


And our greatest thanks to Clifford for this lovely testimonial (this is what keeps us going!):






  1. Beautiful in white – 1st march-in
  2. Can’t Help Falling in love – 2nd march-in
  3. Can’t take my eyes off you
  4. Quando Quando
  5. How deep is your love
  6. Too much heaven
  7. Wonderful Tonight
  8. All you need is love
  9. Can you feel the love tonight?
  10. Every I do I do it for you
  11. I Swear
  12. If I Ain’t got you
  13. All of me
  14. Perfect
  15. Forever Love (Lee Hom)
  16. 约定
  17. 我愿意
  18. 告白气球
  19. 最重要的决定
  20. 月亮代表我的心