Bevlyn’s thoughts: But I Do Love You

Su-Zan first got to know Wai Loon during her Economics lectures in one of NUS’s lecture theatres 8 years ago. During the speech, Su-Zan congratulated herself for not judging a book by its cover (‘bespectacled and geeky‘ in her own words), because she got to know about Wai Loon’s real cheeky nature beneath the ‘cool exterior’ over time.

This was probably in retort to Wai Loon’s earlier comment while giving thanks to his mother, ‘I only wish my wife would cook as well as you‘. Wai Loon also apologised to Su-Zan for leaving her with the bulk of the wedding-planning, but he added, though he reckoned that was what Su-Zan had actually wanted). At this point, Benson my saxophonist turned to me and nodded his head “Yah, women are like that, at least for my wife”. I was, simply dumbfounded haha.

As you probably realise by now, they are one fun-loving couple with an excellent sense of humour. Their friends made the occasion really joyous by laughing and yelping all across the ballroom in response to the couples’ speech. The pair of male emcees also made the yum-seng session a funny and enjoyable one!

After the speech, Su-Zan dedicated a song to Wai Loon – ‘But I Do Love You‘ taken off the Coyote Ugly soundtrack. The song was significant to their relationship and I was more than happy to sing the song – a great song that speaks of true love in practical situations:

Thank you Wai Loon and Su-Zan, we wish you many many blissful years ahead! Hope to see you at Sher Li’s wedding soon!

L-R: Benson, Su-Zan, Wai Loon, Ein Ein, Bevlyn

Band: Bevlyn, Ein Ein, Benson


A Love That Will Last (Solemnisation march-in), Where Do I Begin (Love Story) – 1st march-in, Come Fly With Me, The Way You Look Tonight, Fallen, So Nice, Dream A Little Dream, Kiss Me, Cheek To Cheek, Girl From Ipanema, Fever, For Once In My Life

Everything (2nd march-in), But I Do Love you (bride’s dedication to groom), My Cherie Amour, Come Away With Me, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, La Vie En Rose, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Sway, Moondance, Sympathique


Photo courtesy of Ant & Evy.

Compliments from Wai Loon:

Hi Bevlyn!

Didn’t really have the chance to communicate much with you(if at all) during the pre wedding preparations but here’s what I like to say:

Initially when Su-Zan told me she wanted to engage a band for our wedding, I was reluctant to as I was of the view that piped-in music was sufficient. Ok, she still went ahead regardless of my protests…

However, on the day of the wedding and post wedding, I have to give it to Su-Zan that she made the right choice! (not often, in my opinion at least)

Live music with a fantastic vocalist sure beats playing music off CDs. What heartens me most is when ALL (it’s true) my guests whom I asked feedbacked to me that the live band was great and that they enjoyed the evening tremendously. That made me very happy as I always held the view that the most important thing for a wedding couple is that their guests enjoy themselves.

So, a big THANK YOU goes out to you, Ein Ein and Benson for making it a night to remember!


Wai Loon =)