Bevlyn’s thoughts: 你是我心内的一首歌 (You’re Like A Song In My Heart)

9 highlights (since wedding was held on 9 Jan!):

1. Sofyan and I, accompanied by Daniel on guitar, performed at the foyer during reception to welcome guests who arrived early; on the contrary, we felt welcomed by the guests!

2. The best emcee is usually someone you know from your family, or among your friends. Deborah, Teresa’s elder sister, fulfilled the role of the emcee (bilingual) to a T. She knew her guests well, and her welcome and speech instantaneously put everyone at ease and relaxed for a good evening ahead. I felt like it was certainly a cosy family affair!

3. Probably the first time I hear the father of the bride threatening the new son-in-law, “you better take care of her, or the sisters (teresa’s) will take care of you!” But of course that drew laughter across the room because everyone knew the funny bones in Teresa’s dad. No one could blame him since he admitted to feeling like Steve Martin in Father Of The Bride.

4. We got to know from one of Deborah’s affable speeches that Andy had 12 ‘brothers’ when they went to claim the bride that morning. Surprise? That was probably nothing compared to the 22 ‘sisters’ who accompanied Teresa on her big day. And 2 of the ‘sisters’ are men.

5. The wedding highlights of the customary wedding was one of the most hilarious. The female elders of the family formed a judging panel, and they were the one to decide if the groom and his ‘brothers’ make the cut for the challenges or not, by flashing placards with green ‘ticks’ or red ‘crosses’.

6.  Teresa’s planned performance of singing and playingA Song For You” was definitely a memorable one for myself, Andy, and I’m sure many others at the wedding. Despite some hiccups, Andy’s eyes were red and teary. I had to tell Teresa later that evening that her rendition made my cry! Like what Deborah said, the hiccups made the performance all the more endearing. 🙂

7. 3 good girlfriends of Teresa who grew up with her presented a surprise slideshow of their childhood and growing up years photographs. A good keepsake in many years to come 🙂

8. A guest requested for the mandarin classic 甜蜜蜜, which band was more than happy to oblige. To our delight, Teresa’s mother came on stage to sing with me! During the 2nd set, we were very pleasantly surprised when Deborah informed us that the family would like to sing the same song onstage. And indeed they did, the whole family onstage with guests clapping along. The first time I witnessed anything like this in all my years of wedding-singing!

9. And last but not least, guests were shown a video taken by Andy’s entourage when they went on a trip to Melbourne together –  a video of the proposal. I think this is something we all love to see 🙂

Thank you Teresa and Andy, we had a smashing time at your wedding party, and fun we sure had! Here’s wishing you a marriage always filled with fun, joy and bliss. Congratulations!

Photographs courtesy of Nathan Wu

: Bevlyn, Sofyan, Ein Ein & Daniel


Cocktail Set
: So Nice, Fallen, More Than This, Fly Me To The Moon, Lover’s Concerto, I’m Yours, Isn’t She Lovely, So Much In Love, Bubbly, Beyond The Sea

1st Set: Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, A Love That Will Last, East Of The Sun And West Of The Moon, 给我一个吻 (A Kiss For Me), And I Love You So, Diana Krall, Those Sweet Words, You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine, Quando Quando Quando, 你是我心内的一首歌 (You’re Like A Song In My Heart)

2nd Set: It Had To Be You, S’wonderful, What A Difference A Day Makes, Baby It’s Cold Outside, I Got A Crush On You, Come Dance With Me, She, I Was Doing Alright, 在我生命中的每一天 (Everyday Of My Life), Something Stupid


Hi Bev,

Thank you for reminding us of the beautiful wedding… indeed though we were drunk… we remembered every part of it! I recalled swaying to the music you guys sang… it was perfect. I could not have asked for more.

Thank you for being with us on our special day. Your work and passion in this industry are greatly appreciated by every wedding couple you sang for, as well as the audience, you sang to…

Teresa and Andy

PS: Our friends are all asking about you guys after that night. They were very impressed with your singing. You were simply wonderful.