Bevlyn’s thoughts: 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple)

Anne’s good friend since their primary school days in Kuantan, Lisa, made an impression that evening with her digs at Daniel.

As a surprise gift for Anne, Lisa came up with a special photo-montage of Anne and Daniel through the years, but not without adding in text lines in between the pictures to hint how lucky a man Daniel is to be able to be with Anne. In her speech, Lisa described how she went from asking Anne about their wedding date, to asking Daniel straight in the face. Last year, in her desperation to get Daniel to act, she told Daniel he would be the only one capable of fulfilling her birthday wish – to marry Anne very soon. One might think that Lisa was a tad too desperate for her good friend’s sake, but I think we probably could understand her frustration after knowing how many years the couple has been together – ELEVEN!

Lisa shared how appalled she was when she saw Daniel wearing ‘shabbily’ for his first date with Anne, and wondered what Anne saw in him. But Lisa admitted that as days went by, she realised that Daniel is actually a very nice gentleman who totally complements Anne. Lisa also divulged how Anne needed to rush back from Kuantan to Singapore during her annual visit to Malaysia during the Chinese New Year period, because Daniel would miss her so much and call her incessantly.

Another interesting speech was the one made by Daniel’s father, who started off the speech with “孩子长大了, 很开心。 可是觉得老了” (Children have grown up, I’m very happy, but I feel old too.) He credited the Daniel’s upbringing his mother, who was unfortunately no longer around to witness the happy occasion.

Daniel also gave a great speech, but what wowed me was the fact that he said ‘我爱你’ (I love you) to his father. Totally unexpected but everyone present in the ballroom was deeply touched.

The evening was full of programmes with an emcee who played some couple games with Anne and Daniel’s good friends on stage, and even hosted a FAQ session, actually more to test Daniel’s memory. The proposal scene was even re-enacted in a video shown to the guests – Daniel cooked a sumptuous breakfast, carried it upstairs to Anne who was awaken by the great food. With the help of a well-dressed mini-Schnauzer which carried the ring box around its neck, Daniel proposed to Anne on his knees.

But to me, the highlight of the evening was when I sang ‘爱很简单’ (Love Is Very Simple). I was told the couple decided not to do a slow dance. But when I was into the 1st verse of the song, I saw Daniel holding out his hand to ask Anne for a dance. It just happened so naturally and everyone cheered for the couple.

Congratulations Anne and Daniel, I’m sure you two will have many 11 years together! Keep in touch!

Band: Bevlyn on vocal, Jonathan Ang on keyboard, Benson on saxophone

Check out Gilbert’s blog entry ( for beautiful photographs of the wedding!

L-R: Benson, Jonathan Ang, Daniel, Anne, Bevlyn, Joelle (wedding planner from Sedan of Love)

Wedding Planner: Sedan Of Love


The Color Of My Love (1st March in), Beyond The Sea (1st Dish Presentation), L-O-V-E, More Than This, The Nearness Of You, Dream A Little Dream, A Love That Will Last, Close To You, When You Say Nothing At All, Fly Me To The Moon

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, La Vie En Rose, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), My Baby Cares About Me , 我要你的爱 (I Want Your Love), Lonely Afternoon, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Turn Me On, Lovers’ Concerto, Quando Quando Quando, What A Difference A Day Made, Let There Be Love, 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple)

Compliments from Daniel:


Hi Bev

We are now in Maldives, still holidaying…. Thanks for the performance that night! Everything went too fast that night. But we heard your smoothing voice and the great music by the band, while changing for the second outfit.

Thanks for narrating about our wedding night. I have also attached our pre-wedding photo for you to upload.

Thanks again bev & team!

Best Regards
Daniel at Sunny Maldives