Hui Bing’s Thoughts: Beautiful in My Eyes

Camy and Chor Meng’s wedding dinner was one of the most memorable weddings that I have performed at. Perhaps it was the many little details that the couple had incorporated in their wedding to make it their own – from the decoration of the ballroom (it was in a stunning black to match Camy’s evening gown), the flower girls that accompanied the couple when they march-in, to the dedications that Camy and Chor Meng had for each other as well as their guests. More on this later.

Or it could be due to Chor Meng’s spontaneity and the surprises that he has planned during their special occasion. The first surprise of the evening – to celebrate Camy’s birthday which also falls on that day. Initially I was quite puzzled to see the couple march-in to a empty plate without the usual cake tower in its place. When Chor Meng announced that it was Camy’s birthday, a waiter brought in a beautifully decorated cake and the band quickly performed a birthday song for Camy.

Another memorable moment was when Chor Meng decided to renew his wedding vows on-stage in front of all their guests. It was really heartwarming and touching to see Chor Meng, who was earlier cracking jokes with his guests, turn serious as he recited the words to a teary but smiling Camy. This almost had many others in the ballroom, me included, in tears as well.

To enliven up the ambience, Camy and Chor Meng had written special messages to go with almost every song that we performed that night. From the ever-green Tian Mi Mi and 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart) to dedicate to their parents, they also arranged for friendship songs to be performed, such as ‘You Got a Friend’, ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ and ‘At Your Side’ for their colleagues and friends.

Unknown to each other, Camy and Chor Meng had approached the band separately to dedicate two beautiful songs, ‘Beautiful in My Eyes’ and ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You’ to each other

Camy’s dedication to Chor Meng – “You brighten my day with the sound of your voice, you bring so much laughter and love to my life, thanks for being in my life and taking care of me….I love u.”

Chor Meng’s to Camy – “Thank you for all your support, understanding, tolerance and unreserved love. I wanted to let u know that you are the only woman who would at least smile if not laugh at my jokes, stay by my side when I fall ill, and believe in the things that I do.”

After our last song, one of their guests walked up to us to request to sing a song for the couple. It was Careen from the group ‘Dreamfactory’ in the Project Superband competition. Together with Junxiong, they performed ‘Somewhere Out There’, ending the evening on a high note.

Dear Camy and Chor Meng, thanks for asking us to be part of your memorable wedding. Our heartiest congratulations once again and we wish you many many years of laughter, surprises and happiness ahead.

L-R: Jun Xiong, Hui Bing, Camy, Chor Meng, Joel and Careen
Band: Hui Bing, Jun Xiong, Joel


Lovers’ Concerto (1st March-in), La Vie En Rose (1st dish presentation), Crash And Burn, Wind Beneath My Wings, And I Love You So, At Your Side, For The First Time, You’ve Got A Friend, Love Me, From This Moment

At The Beginning, Beautiful In My Eyes, Tian Mi Mi, L-O-V-E, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), Built to Last, That’s What Friends Are For, Nothing’s Gonna Change for My Love for You, I Turn To You, Angels Brought Me Here, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Save The Last Dance for Me, What A Wonderful World

Special performance: Somewhere Out there

Song to Recommend:

At Your Side – A very cheery, up-tempo song by The Corrs.

Compliments from Camy:

Hello Hsin Yeow

Sorry for late reply. Just wanted to drop a note to say that Chor Meng and I are very happy with the band’s performance. We managed to catch a few songs and are very pleased. The only thing is that for some dedications, our targeted audience did not manage to hear it, probably due to the sound system or they were not paying attention. ;p

The band was very nice in customizing the 2nd march in song, “At The Beginning”. I told Junxiong that since my 1st march in song was already a slow romantic song, I wanted to march in the 2nd time to a livelier one but the first few sentences of the song were slow so they managed to start off somewhere in the middle (without sounding weird) for us to achieve our aim! Thanks to the band!

We also have a guest (friend) who’s a finalist of the superband competition on Ch U and we requested for Junxiong to sing a duet with her at the end and the band gladly obliged! (even though they were already packing up)

Later the band stayed for awhile and chatted as well as took photographs with us.

We are definitely pleased and also to thank yourself , Hsin Yeow, for all the coordination work.


Chor Meng & Camy