Jun Xiong’s thoughts: Truly Madly Sweetly

When it came to live music for his wedding, Henry left nothing to chance. He made sure he caught one of our live performances before engaging us. Also, he made the wise decision of engaging a separate sound system because he had heard the in-house system himself and realised that it could not meet his standards. Needless to say, the band was delighted, because it meant how much importance Henry placed on live music!

Henry and Hong Kuan’s wedding celebration had subtle differences from the others I’d been to. For one, they arranged to have the cake-cutting ceremony after the second march-in. The “cake” was really made up of pretty little cupcakes arranged in tiers. The couple offered a cupcake to one another in a ceremony which I call the “cake-toasting”!


After the thank-you speech, I invited the couple’s mothers up onstage, to receive enormous bouquets of flowers. Both ladies seemed a little shy, but I was very sure their hearts were warmed by the couple’s sweet gesture.

Congratulations, Henry and Hong Kuan! Cheers to sweet beginnings!

Band: Jun Xiong, Hui Bing, Linus

L-R: Jun Xiong, Hui Bing, Hong Kuan, Henry, Linus


At The Beginning, On The Side Of Me, La Vie En Rose, 明天我要嫁給你 (I’m Marrying You Tomorrow), For The First Time, A Love That Will Last, Everything In Its Time, From This Moment, When You Say Nothing At All, I Finally Found Someone

Way Back Into Love, Truly Madly Deeply, L-O-V-E, Love Me, 但愿人長久 (May All Live Well And Long), Home, You’re Still The One, 我愿意 (I’m Willing), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Sway

Compliments from Henry:

Hi Hsin Yeow

Last night was great! The music was fantastic. Thank you so much to the singers who made our wedding memorable. Thanks for doing a great job! 🙂