Bevlyn’s thoughts: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Word has it that after Paurene and Benjamin got to know each other, Benjamin had a habit of waiting at a certain traffic light to catch sight of Paurene (and probably to pretend bumping into her). Yes, everytime under hot sunlight. I suppose this is the Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

The emcees Gary and Su-Zan lightened up the atmosphere with their wits and chemistry. Though strong as a team, they could not upstage the couple of the evening, Benjamin and Paurene. They marched-in to the tune of “Let There Be Love” by the band, and upon reaching the stage, Benjamin looked surprised to see the wedding cake they catered:

Here goes the conversation:

Benjamin pointedly at the cake: “I didn’t know the cake is so small!”

Paurene pointedly to Benjamin: “You didn’t give me the budget!”

Everybody cracked up. 🙂

With a mixture of jazz and mandarin classics, we entertained the guests who were seated at long tables and treated to western delicacies. A refreshing sight from the usual round tables typical at Chinese weddings.

James, Wah Yong and I loved the relaxing songs selected by the couple, and this is a new one for us, albeit a classic by Elvis Presley in 1977.

It’s Now Or Never (Elvis Presley)

And, we also enjoyed the dessert buffet tremendously! While helping myself to a second helping, I bumped into Eunice (& Stanley)! And guess what, Su-Zan (& Wai Loon) was one of the witty emcees for the wedding! What a reunion 🙂

It was also great to bump into Yu Hsin from Tinydot Photography; Paurene and Benjamin had flown with Yu Hsin to Melbourne to take their pre-wedding photos. Will put up as the photos asap!

Our heartiest congratulations to Paurene and Benjamin! 🙂

Band: Bevlyn, James, Wah Yong


Let There Be Love (1st march-in), That’s Amore, The Girl From Ipanema, Unforgettable, Don’t Know Why, 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), C’est Si Bon, When I Fall In Love, 给我一个吻 (Give Me A Kiss), Dream A Little Dream, Cheek To Cheek, Quizas Quizas Quizas

L-O-V-E, It’s Now Or Never, La Vie En Rose,月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), So Nice, Close To You, Beyond The Sea, Fly Me To The Moon, 一见你就笑 (I Smile Whenever I See You), Crazy Little Thing Called Love