Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: You Mean The World To Me

You never know what you might gain from a road trip with friends.

For Johann, it was the opportunity to be in close contact with the lovely Calista, who stole Johann’s heart. Hartono, Johann’s childhood friend who introduced Calista to Johann, was understandably ectastic. He had so much to say he didn’t need a script at all, as words came spilling out of him.

“I’m not surprised that Johann fell for Calista. I mean, just look at her. Isn’t she beautiful?” Hartono asked. A rhetoric question, of course, for Calista looked amazing that afternoon.

Hartono’s speech was one of many. Another confident speaker was Mr Christer Ekberg, Calista’s boss. He went onstage with one single purpose: to wax lyrical about Calista as a driven and capable person. I could tell Mr Ekberg treated Calista almost like his daughter.


PhotobucketMr Ekberg giving a speech

As a ‘reward’ for staying until the end of the lunch, Johann and Calista prepared some surprises for the guests. They arranged for plastic rings to be hidden in the dessert, and the guests who found them received dining vouchers from St Regis.

Bevlyn, James, Fabian and I had a great time performing at the wedding. My favourite moment was when I sang “Give Me Forever (I Do)” for the couple’s first dance. Watching Johann and Calista dance to live music made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Congratulations Calista and Johann!

P.S. Many thanks to Kim of Wedding Concierge for recommending us!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn, James, Fabian

L-R: James, Hsin Yeow, Johann, Calista, Bevlyn, Fabian

Angels, Angels Brought Me Here, Beautiful In My Eyes, Better Together, For The First Time, Give Me Forever (I Do)(1st Dance), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Footloose, You’re My First The Last My Everything, You To Me Are Everything, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, Stick Wit You, Sunshine, Lost In Your Eyes, Listen To Your Heart, You Mean The World To Me, Could I Have This Dance, When You Know, All My Life, It’s Your Love, Way Back Into Love, The Gift

Compliments: Many thanks


Dear A Little Dream,

Many thanks for Hsin Yeow, who’s been very warm and helpful on our big day.

Not only that he did his best to get to know us in such a short period of time, he is also a great singer. It’s been a blast knowing you, coming up with the song list and spending our important day together.

Johann & Calista

Song To Recommend:

You Mean The World To Me – a great wedding song from Toni Braxton!