Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 爱是永恒 (Love Is Eternal)

Hey guys, here’s a tip on how to get the attention of someone you fancy: be a gentleman. It worked for Richie.

Here’s what he told me…

“When we were out for a drink one night, Ann’s shoe became stuck inside a gap in the wooden floor of a bar. Ann tried very hard to pull her leg out, but she wasn’t able to do so. Immediately, I squatted down and pulled her shoe out. Since then, we started to go for dates, became friends then lovers.”

It wasn’t just lip service, because Richie was every inch the gentleman when I met him on his wedding day. Although he had many guests to host, he found time to greet me and say, “Do your best okay?”

And we did. Hui Bing’s sweet and velvety voice was a treat, as always. Matthew and Ji Xiang tinkled the ivories and plucked the guitar (and also our heart) strings that night.

As the emcee, I planned a little surprise for the gorgeous Ann. Upon my request, Richie sang 爱是永恒 (Love Is Eternal), to thank his bride for “being always by my side when I’m down.”

Congratulations Richie and Ann!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Hui Bing, Matthew, Ji Xiang


A Moment Like This (1st march-in), Way Back Into Love, Endless Love, 制造浪漫 (Creating Romance), 在我生命中的每一天 (Every Day In My Life), 你最珍贵 (You’re The Most Precious One), Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You, I Wanna Be With You, A Love That Will Last, Feel So Good, Looking Through Your Eyes

Love Story (2nd march-in), Do That To Me One More Time, Everything In Its Time, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Angels Brought Me Here, Everything, Close To You, Have I Told You Lately, You To Me Are Everything, Love Will Keep Us Alive, The First The Last My Everything