Hui Bing’s thoughts: Q&A

1. How many years have you two been together?

We’ve been together for 4.5 years.

2. How did you you guys meet?

We first met in NTU Accountancy. we were in the same course. We got together only when we started working in Ernst & Young in 2005. Both of us happened to be part of a DnD special performance which required the first years to perform. It was a modified Wizard of Oz. He was the “Lion” and I was the “da jie da” i.e. villian. leader of the gangster. Anyway, there was this scene that da jie da had to pinch the Lion’s cheeks (with much difficulty cuz of the Lion’s height). Our first “skinship”.

3. What are the qualities that you feel attracted to your partner?

KK: Kailun is a level-headed person. Always reliable. You can count on him to be prepared for most things (he’s the sort to bring brollys out). He is a mind over heart person most times. I was attracted to his great sense of humour, and his ability to organise and plan for everything and anything.

KL: Karen is one that says what she means and means what she say. She is not afraid to speak her mind and expresses her opinion whenever the situation calls for it. She is not into details but never loses sight of the important things. This is something I admire because she always manage to bring my focus back when I sometimes get fixated over plans and details. Unlike me, she is very spontaneous and can go with the flow of the situation.

4. Any interesting (funny/touching) stories to share?

KL: I remembered that during one of my birthdays, we celebrated my birthday several days earlier. However on the actual day itself she gave me a very pleasant surprise by travelling all the way down to my place (we live quite far apart from each other) and waited at the void deck for me to finish my dinner with my family and relatives. When I got home, she asked me to come down and celebrated my birthday with me again and then gave me a handmade photo album filled with pictures and drawings of us.

Another incident was when she cooked a full meal for me for the very 1st time. I remembered that I had to work over the weekends in my office and she gave me a surprise by bringing me a box of curry Ebi bento that she woke up very early to prepare (With some help). I felt very touched at that time and it was totally unexpected and unlike her to wake up early on a Saturday to cook a proper meal!

It was a pleasure performing for Karen and Kailun!  Ein Ein, Ivan and I had a great time.  Thanks to KK and KL for the opportunity!

Band: Hui Bing, Ein Ein, Ivan


Everything In Its Time, On The Side Of Me, Someone Like You, You Belong To Me, Your Love (Is The Greatest Gift Of All), Moon River, Rainbow Connection, Wind Beneath My Wings, All I Ask Of You, A Love That Will Last, Cheek To Cheek, It Had To Be You, L-O-V-E, That’s All, The Way You Look Tonight, La Vie En Rose, When You Know, Can’t Help Falling In Love, I Only Want To Be With You, So Nice, I’ve Got A Crush On You, A Beautiful Mess, I Won’t Last A Day Without You


Hi Bevlyn,

I would like to thank the band for their great performance! Though we didn’t have many chances to appreciate their performance, we received feedback from our guests that the Huibing sang and emcee-ed really well.

It was a pity that the hotel could not place the band at a more strategic location.

We would also like to thank the saxophonist Ivan for his professionalism in wanting to perform more songs for our guests for that couple of hours between my solemnisation at 4.30pm and dinner at 7.30pm. His performance for our solemnisation march-in was perfect!


Warmest regards,
Karen & Kailun