Bevlyn’s thoughts: 钟爱一生 (Everlasting Love)

For Lydia and Anthony’s wedding, I was paired up with one of Lydia’s best friends from secondary school days, Teck Beng. He was the excellent choice to be my co-emcee because knowing the couple himself, he shared with the guests his memories of how the couple came together. He recalled Anthony asking him about Lydia out of the blue one day; then he noticed Lydia’s sudden interest in the World Cup (she was never interested in soccer). When France won Brazil, everyone except the two of them seemed to be in a good mood. The next thing he knew, they were already holding hands.

The couple had chosen to play From This Moment from the CD for their 1st march-in, but there was some technical error,  and the quick-witted Teck Beng turned and me and said  “Can you sing this song?”. Immediately Matthew and I jumped to fish out our lyrics and score to perform the song. I had never experienced a better meaning of ‘live band’ until then!

The other special programme for the evening was Anthony’s surprise serenade. I had conspired with Anthony on the sly and asked if he would be game enough to sing a song to Lydia. He promptly reply with a song in mind 钟爱一生 (Everlasting Love). So when he finished his speech, he announced he would like to sing a song for this wife; with Matthew playing a simple piano introduction, he sang the chorus smoothly without a hitch. Lydia was initially taken aback but touched beyond words by the end of the chorus!

锺爱我一生 噢~ MY LOVE MY LOVE
噢~ 在我还能负载你的爱 锺爱我一生
锺爱我一生 噢~ MY LOVE MY LOVE
噢~ 在我还能负载你的时候 锺爱我一生

Four of Lydia’s friends also prepared a song 有你真好 (It’s Great to Have You) to dedicate to the couple; it is a splendid song to dedicate to friends, check it out here.  I have to say they did a great job!

Thank you Anthony and Lydia, it was a memorable wedding with all the special performances. All the best to the two of you! Congratulations!
Band: Bevlyn and Matthew


Let’s Start From Here, Quando Quando Quando, Lovely, I’ve Dreamed of You, How Deep Is Your Love, 可乐戒指 (Cola Ring), 给我一个吻 (Give Me A Kiss), Bubbly, Everything, I’m Yours, Cheek to Cheek.

钟爱一生 (Everlasting Love), 今天我要嫁给你 (Today I’m Marrying You), 有你真好 (It’s Great to Have You), 理想情人 (Ideal Partner), From This Moment, Looking Through Your Eyes, Your Song, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple).

Song To Recommend:

钟爱一生 (Everlasting Love) – The lyrics say it all!