Jonathan Ang’s thoughts: Forever Love

Sax & Rena’s wedding was quite a welcome departure from what I usually do at ALD weddings. Instead of playing the keyboard, I filled in the role of emcee and singer instead, with Clarence on the guitar. Also, instead of going for a full set of songs, the couple opted to go for a small selections of songs to highlight the important moments of the dinner, while Clarence would charm guests with a repertoire of solo guitar numbers for the first half of the dinner.

This, in turn, helped to add on to the elegant and warm ambience of the wedding dinner at Swissotel Merchant Court. To add to the glamour, Rena changed into three different outfits for the evening, instead of the usual two. The third, which consisted of a stunning pink gown, was definitely quite the eye-candy for the night!

I remember an interesting point during the champagne pouring ceremony. Just when Sax was about to open the bottle of bubbly, Rena was actually leaning away from him, softly whispering “I’m scared!” (She was referring to the loud noise the cork makes when it pops.) Well, the champagne did flow in the end, but Sax chose to pop the bottle open quietly instead of letting the cork fly. I’m pretty sure this was all gracefully and graciously done in consideration of his wife’s “concerns”!

On another note, Clarence did beautifully during his solo set, and everyone present that evening had a most enjoyable time. To Sax and Rena, thanks for letting ALD share in the joy on your big day!

Band: Jonathan Ang, Clarence


Forever Love (1st march-in), When You Say Nothing At All, 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), Chasing Cars, Everything (2nd march-in)