Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: A Song For You

One of the services we provide is wedding song composition. Bevlyn is an award-winning songwriter, and a pretty darn good lyricist as well.

Nothing beats having a song specially written for the couple, we thought. One that tells the story of how the couple got together and fell in love, or describes the love that they share for each other.

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Jaslyn and Jimmie
I was pleasantly surprised when Jaslyn’s brother, Xander, called me to ask if I could sing a song that he wrote for his dear sister.

Could I? I jumped at the chance!

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Lyrics of Xander’s song, Jaslyn
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Singing Xander’s orginal song

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Jimmie’s reaction

We enjoyed every minute of our performance for Jimmie and Jaslyn. Jaslyn looked breathtaking that night, and she thanked me personally for singing Xander’s song.

I do believe an original wedding song is a wonderful gift, so if anyone out there is interested in engaging us to write one for you, please let us know.

Band: Hsin Yeow, Serene and Ji Xiang

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L-R: Serene, Ji Xiang, Hsin Yeow
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Ji Xiang


Dream A Little Dream, Give Me Forever (I Do), I Love The Way You Love Me, She, For The First Time, L-O-V-E, Let There Be Love, Just The Way You Are, C’est Si Bon, Fly Me To The Moon, And I Love You So, Close To You, The Way You Look Tonight, Forever Love, Jaslyn, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart)

Wedding Tips:

(1) Write an original song for your wedding
(2) Select songs that fit your theme

Compliments from Jimmie and Jaslyn:

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We engaged A Little Dream to perform for us on our wedding day on 2nd June 2006. Our wedding theme was “Lilac Dream” and we thought it would be fitting for the band to sing Dream A Little Dream as the first march-in. Friends and relatives alike commented the march-in was romantic and ‘dreamy’.

We would like to thank the band, and in particular, Hsin Yeow, for his immense patience (we changed the songs so many times I’ve lost count), friendly suggestions, and most of all, for the team’s rock solid performance. Hsin Yeow wowed the crowd with his soulful voice and impeccable hosting skills (he is an effectively bilingual MC), and the musicians were superb.

I was deeply moved when I heard the song my brother, Xander, wrote for me. Hsin Yeow sang it so beautifully and with such emotion that my colleagues asked if he was my brother!

My friends and colleagues were enamoured with Hsin Yeow’s voice and they remarked that this is one dreamy, and totally unforgettable wedding… because of the band and the singer! 😛

So thank you, Hsin Yeow and team, for putting up such a sterling performance.
And thank you once again A Little Dream, for making our dream come true 🙂

Compliments from Xander, Jaslyn’s brother:

Thanks for the beautiful rendition of the song.

I heard good reviews: you sang it well, and that it was delivered with affection. Thanks again for representing me with the song.