Band: Jiamin (vocals), Jeremy (vocals), Melvin (bass), Mei Sheum (piano)

Thank you Huishi & Ivan for engaging our 4-piece band for their wedding. Two singers allow for duets, and a pianist and a bassist allows versatility in the performance delivery. As 13 Jan 18 was one of the hottest date ever for wedding celebrations, we’re glad that they confirmed the band 6 months before their big day!

Huishi & Ivan Marriott Wedding

L-R: Jeremy (vocals), Huishi & Ivan, Jiamin (vocals), Melvin (Bass)

Here’s wishing them a blissful marriage ahead!


  1. How Long will I love you
  2. As Long as you love me
  3. 爱很简单 
  4. I Love You (David Tao)
  5. 你最珍贵
  6. At last
  7. From this moment 
  8. Truely madly deeply
  9. Sugar
  10. I knew I love you before I met you
  11. Amazed 
  12. Stand by you
  13. 简单爱 
  14. I’m yours
  15. Wonderful tonight
  16. 我依然爱你 -Wang Lee Hom 
  17. 最重要的决定 - Fan wei qi 
  18. 小幸运 -Hebe
  19. Nothing’s going to change my love for you 
  20. My endless love 
  21. Amazed
  22. Back at one
  23. Faithfully
  24. Forever love
  25. The way you look tonight
  26. You raised me up
  27. 爱爱爱
  28. Grow old with you
  29. I knew I love you 
  30. A Thousand Years
  31. 小酒窝 
  32. 不得不爱 
  33. 发现爱
  34. Once in a lifetime 
  35. 爱的主旋律 
  36. In love with you